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Germany from Above 2014/15


Following the success of the live performance at the movie’s premiere and other sold out shows, three live performances have just been announced. All of them in renown venues. Featuring the Munich Symphony, Nürnberg Symphony and Stuttgarter Philharmonie. Conducted by Helmut Imig.

December 7th 2014, Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg
December 28th 2014, Liederhalle Stuttgart
April 23rd 2015, Philharmonie München



XBOX ONE, Insomniac

Boris Salchow is finishing up the cinematic score for the upcoming XBOX ONE exclusive game SUNSET OVERDRIVE. The highly anticipated game is expected to hit shelves fall 2014.

Stay tuned!


PAX prime


Boris Salchow will be speaking at the ‘Maestros of the Video Games’ panel at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, moderated by Minnesota Public Radio’s ‘Top Score’ host Emily Reese.

The event is followed by an autograph session .. details TBA



Feature, ZDF/ terra-X, colourfield

Boris Salchow recently scored the feature film adaptation of the award-winning documentary series Deutschland Von Oben (Germany From Above). This visually stunning film is comprised of breathtaking aerial shots of Germany. It is now showing in theaters in Europe through Buena Vista International and is scheduled to be broadcast on ZDF German Television.


Electronic Arts, Insomniac

Boris Salchow swaps his baton and orchestra for Moog synthesizers and rare vintage audio processors as he reunites with Insomniac Games to score their new sci-fi video game FUSE published by Electronic Arts. Salchow’s original score blends analog electronic elements, adrenaline infused drums and musical sound design to provide a foreboding and rousing sonic landscape for FUSE’s dark futuristic setting and intense co-op action experience.



Geneva Motor Show

Boris Salchow was commissioned to create this powerful interplay of music and sound design for the unveiling of the 700 horsepower strong Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Agency: Philipp & Keuntje


Feature, American Cinema Intl.

Boris Salchow crossed and broke multiple musical borders to score  this international co production, helmed by Knocking on Heavens door director Thomas Jahn.



Sony, Insomniac Games

Following the critical acclaim of his score for Insomniac Games’Resistance 2, Boris Salchow returns to craft a darker cinematic soundtrack for RESISTANCE 3 – reflecting the struggle of the remaining group of human survivors against an overwhelming force of alien invaders. To capture an authentic and unique sound for this alternate history sci-fi story set in the 1950’s, Salchow and Insomniac recorded the emotionally diverse musical score at the historical Abbey Road Studios in London.

AUDI RS5 venice

Audi has licensed Boris’ track ‘Addict’ from the Album ‘Ohrlaub’ for this gritty RS5 film shot in Venice Beach, California. Video coming soon.

Agency: Loved




Boris produced and wrote music for more than four seasons of the award winning German thriller TV-Series Balko.




Sony’s famous space age duo reunite for another comedic romp through the universe. Boris Salchow was signed to write the score, which became the most cinematic sound track of this successful series so far.


Salchow instantly captures the attention of your ears as soon as the menu loads with its booming horn that sounds like an alien ship hailing an invading vessel.

Entertainmentbuddha, Fuse

Best music that I have ever heard in a game, seriously.

Gamespot, Ratchet & CLank a Crack in time

The soundtrack that Boris composed is compelling and a perfect fit for the game. We consider it to be a key part of the overall RESISTANCE 3 experience.

Paul Mudra, Insomniac

”The production values are phenomenal…the soundtrack impresses”

Gameinformer, Resistance 3

A stellar soundtrack that is just wonderfully cinematic

GameZone, Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time

Boris Salchow delivers the most film-like score for the series to date. His work adds a greater sense of emotion to the story.

HookedGamers, Ratchet & Clank - a Crack in Time

The soundtrack is [..] easily among the best out there. [It] really makes you feel involved in an epic adventure.

Gamersryde, Ratchet and Clank - a Crack in Time

The soundtrack does a great job of bringing everything together.  [..]”

Playstation Unlimited

 Selected Previous Projects

NBC Universal Logos

SyFy Channel Germany

Inauguration Music


Rainbow Six Vegas 2, UBI-soft, Main Theme & addl. Music


Wolff’s Turf, TV-Series, Multiple Episodes


Elsewhere, Feature, Dir. Nathan Hope

Addl. Music, Theatrical Trailer

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