From early in his career, Boris Salchow has been interested in using music and sound in a way, that listeners can be immersed into an an audio experience. This could take many shapes and forms – from early interactive music players on websites or multimedia experiences, to complete multichannel audio installations, that let visitors explore a world of multifaceted audio-based storytelling by changing their physical position or interacting with an experience through gestures or touchscreen devices.

Years of writing music for major video game titles added to the substantial knowledge of interactive, non-linear music concepts.

Boris Salchow supplied music and planning for multiple music installations and environments. Among them are:


When the Adidas flagship store in Paris was turned into the a fully computerized experience center, featuring an interactive ‘virtual mirror’, gesture controlled information terminals and catwalk-style scanner, Boris Salchow was asked to fill the whole experience with sonic life.

This included background sounds and music, interactive sound design, as well as music and sounds for embedded product movies.

Agency: Mutabor Design


Boris Salchow was commissioned to create a multiroom audio and music experience for Audi’s showcase at the Geneva Motor Show. Audi’s showcase encompassed many different areas for different car models. Each of them featured their own music and sound environment, but all environments where running in perfect sync with each other, and the music in the different areas would complement each other to form an impressive complete audio experience. As the visitors would walk from one area to the next, the music would morph in a seamless – and always pleasant – way.

On top of the spatial separation, this installation also incorporated a recurring visual event, that created a beacon-like effect throughout the complete showcase.

More than 100.000 visitors per day were able to enjoy this experience.

Agency: Mutabor Design


Ad agency Serviceplan entered new frontiers not only by creating an entertaining Virtual Reality experience for car manufacturer BMW, they also were the first to capture a test drive on planet Mars. Boris Salchow was asked to create the high end musical soundtrack to elevate the emotional experience throughout the presentation. He is also responsible for overseeing the environmental sound design, which included video-game-technology based approach to generating engine sounds.

Agency: Serviceplan


When the ferocious Lamborghini Aventador was presented to the public at the Geneva Motor show for the very first time, I did so with an impressive growl. Not from his engine, but from a superimposed video projection and the deep bass vibrations from Boris Salchow’s soundtrack – a thundering hybrid of music and sound design, an artistic interpretation of the fierce power of this newly born super car.