Germany from above

Director: Freddie Roeckenhaus/ Petra Hoefer

Los Angeles-based composer Boris Salchow recently scored the feature film adaptation of the award-winning documentary series Deutschland Von Oben (Germany From Above). This visually stunning film is comprised of breathtaking aerial shots of Germany. It is now showing in theaters in Europe through Buena Vista International and is scheduled to be broadcast on ZDF German Television.

With only a few words from the narrator, the movie provided a unique opportunity to take the audience on an inspiring musical journey befitting the film’s grand scale.

Salchow’s score for the film was recorded with a 70-piece orchestra and mixed at the Babelsberg Studios in Berlin.

Deutschland Von Oben premiered in June with a special event at the Lichtburg Cinema, Germany’s largest movie theater, where Boris’ score was performed live during the film’s screening by the Essen Symphony Orchestra.

The soundtrack will be available through Warner Music Group.

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