Resistance 2

Creative Director: Ted Price

The sequel to the best-selling PlayStation 3 launch title, Sony’s 2008/2009 flagship game is a scifi-horror epic.

Recorded with the Northwest Sinfonia orchestra the music reflects both the grotesque devastation of our world incurred by alien forces as well as the heroic actions of protagonist Nathan Hale and his team, trying to defeat the enemy.
Press Reviews:

”The musical score is impressive and dynamic.”

“The musical score gets extra credit here for creating an environment that makes each level in its own identity whether you’re in a boss fight or fighting off waves of the Chimera.”

”The audio in the game is impressive…with a rousing musical score.”

”Composer Boris Salchow’s orchestral score lends the right dramatic push to the proceedings.”

Adrenaline Vault
”The music kicks up a notch when battling a boss or faced with a particularly harrowing situation, and we’re rarely so affected when facing the oncoming evil hordes in a game.”

PSX Extreme
”There is also a stirring soundtrack to enhance the emotional impact of the game and story with specific music cues triggered by your actions in real-time.”

Game Chronicles
”The production values are phenomenal…the soundtrack impress[es].”

Game Informer